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انواع رنگهای ساختمانی

رنگ پلاستیک این رنگ از قدیمی ترین نوع رنگ ها بوده و با کیفیت های مختلف در بازار وجود دارد. رنگ کردن با آن بسیار آسان است و فقط باید دقت کنید که رنگ آماده شده بسیار غلیظ یا رقیق نباشد، چرا که در صورت غلظت بالا رنگ به خوبی بر روی سطح پخش نمی شود و پس از خشک شدن اثر قلم...

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What is Polyurea?

You may have heard the name Poly-urea Coverage or Flooring, which is much more flexible than epoxy floors. The flexibility of this type of flooring is 3 times more than the flexibility of its family, epoxy floors. These types of flooring are used for industrial...

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Poly urethane Insulation

Today, the high cost of producing, transferring and distributing energy at home and industrial use has led to the development of high-efficiency methods and solutions and to prevent it from being wasted. Undoubtedly, the heating and cooling costs of energy are one of...

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Types of polyurethane

At this opportunity, we will introduce some types of polyurethanes Flexible Polyurethane Foam Foam: This type of polyurethane foam is used to make all sorts of consumables and commercial products, including fabrics, office furniture and home appliances, car interior...

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