You may have heard the name Poly-urea Coverage or Flooring, which is much more flexible than epoxy floors.

The flexibility of this type of flooring is 3 times more than the flexibility of its family, epoxy floors.

These types of flooring are used for industrial applications in vibration and shock conditions.

The flexibility of this type of epoxy has the advantage of having other families, including:

Spray on a bed linen
Tunnel cover
Filler for device joints
Applicability at low temperatures
Ability to apply on concrete surfaces
Seamless application
Pre-sealing installations installed on the roofs
The high speed of this type of coating is higher than the rest of the coatings and its implementation is carried out by experienced force.

And the fact that the use of this flooring is more affordable than epoxy, and repairing this kind of cost-effective less than the rest of the flooring, including epoxy.

Polyester coatings are used as a cover for canals and shuttle concrete installations, coatings on refrigeration units, as well as moisture insulation of concrete surfaces.

This type of flooring can also be referred to as industrial floors and coating surfaces in contact with high wear and protection of chemical units.

One of the most important features that can be named for this product, and superior to other products of its kind, is the ability to use only a few minutes after applying the poly-urea coating. Which can be used after a few minutes of running this type of cover, and it does not take time to use this type of cover.