18th International Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Industrial Coatings, Composite Materials and Plating Industry
Today, the most important annual scientific and business event with the theme of coating industries in our beloved country is the exhibition, and it is hoped that with the ongoing efforts of the participants, visitors and organizers, which constitute the three pillars of each exhibition, it has grown every year. We can achieve a position in the shortest possible time so that the exhibition becomes one of the most important events of the world in the world, so that, with the cooperation and co-operation of all sectors of the economy, the development of the level of the supreme world economies is as evidenced by the establishment of the Islamic Republic Iran.

During the first period of the exhibition, the covered area was about 3050 square meters, and with the continuous efforts of the executives and with the best practices and development of exhibition activities, it could increase the growth of at least 17 percent per year by 20,000 square meters.

The most important factors and features in the country that have resulted in the periodic growth of this exhibition, there are significant amounts of raw materials needed by the industries in the country, so that only 20% of the needs of the industry are obtained from abroad. It is hoped that with the wise efforts of practitioners and investment in the R & D sectors, the country’s dependence on imported raw materials and machinery and technology from abroad will be reduced and the volume of exports of domestic products will increase.

During the 17th period of this exhibition, we realized that the industry and services industry stakeholders, due to their inherent needs, mainly use educated and knowledgeable investors who are always aware of the latest technologies and sciences. The feature, Academic figures are giving the activists this section a job that serves and serves them for the organizer of the exhibition proud and proud.

It should be noted that the seventeenth period has had a 12% growth in the area of ​​the participants. During this period, several months before the opening of the exhibition, all the spaces available at the halls allocated to the exhibition are covered by the full pavilions.

Location: permanent place of Tehran International Exhibitions

Time: 3rd to 6th Bahman 1397