Air Spray

One of the paint spraying methods used by Aveda is the spray spray method. In the Air Spray method, as the paint and the wind blend together before leaving the nozzle, high transparency is achieved in the final paint.

In this method, due to the mixing speed of the air mixture and the impact of the surface, you will see a large number of color pollens in the environment, which wastes about 2% of the color. In this type of spraying, a single layer of paint will be sprayed onto the surface with a thin layer of paint on the surface, resulting in a low color thickness and the spray pattern being round so the probability of color escaping in the coating Flat bedding will be high.

As this method achieves high quality of paint, also called Piano Finishing, it is used in various industries that require high transparency of the work surface.

Target industry:

automobile industry
aircraft industry
Wood industry
Glass industry