Airless technology in pumping and spraying paint is a new way in which paints and materials are pumped and atomized by high hydrostatic pressure without the need for compressed air. In this new system, using a special pumping mechanism, the paint is first sucked into the pump after passing the initial filters through the tank and then squeezed into the pump chamber and again after passing several filter steps into the hose and pistols. Is transmitted. As the paint passes through the nozzle outlet, the paint is completely powdered and evenly sprayed on the surfaces. Using the various nozzles provided, the width and thickness of the spray can be changed and controlled.

Hydrodrive Hybrid Airless Pumps:
This series of hybrid pumps have a high performance and high color output discharge due to the use of a hydraulic drive system, which makes them suitable for large and long-term projects. The high power of these pumps also enables the use of long hoses and multi-pistol connection with simultaneous use. The intelligent control system of these pumps illuminates the pump system only by measuring the pumped pressure of the pump only when the device is used, which in addition to reducing energy consumption, improves the life of the pump components. This smart system also improves pump performance in the pumping of concentrated materials and significantly reduces outliers.

The advantages of Airless technology include:
More economical:

Low initial investment
Rapid return on capital
Reduce initial cost and maintenance
Durability and long life of paint
More workload in shorter time
Reducing energy consumption
Reduce operation time
Reduce the cost of manpower
No need for compressed air:

Long service life
Low weight and volume and easy transportation and maintenance
Dramatically reduce noise pollution in the environment
Low contamination and dramatically reduced cost and time for machine and environment washing
More safety:

Unable to detonate the tanks
Preventing Respiratory and Pulmonary Diseases
Environmental Protection:

No color drop in the environment
Minimal use of thinner and solvent in washing machine
Low energy consumption
Prevent noise pollution
Functional and functional benefits:

Spray all kinds of fluids even at high concentrations

Multipurpose use (spraying non-dye fluids)
Reduce thinner consumption and color solutions
Reduces color drying time
Increased spray paint thickness
Excellent coverage
Provide adequate coverage even in one pass
Better control over color spraying

Ability to control spray width from 1 to 2 cm
Color Thickness Control (Micron Splash)
Blade or cone spraying capability
Significant reduction of outliers
Increase the quality of the coating
Smooth edge of spray paint strip