Powder Electrostatic

History of Electrostatic Powder Painting
This type of color coatings first emerged in the United States in the early 1980s, initially consisting of five gold epoxy powders, pigments, and several other materials used in combination as a powder paint. They went. The method of using it was that the first piece was heated to a certain temperature and then immersed in a powder reservoir. A tank in which the powders were suspended and a hot coating applied to it created a thick coating of paint on the various surfaces of that piece.

This method was used for several years until the Shell Institute in the UK combined the use of this type of electrostatic dye from then on, and from the same time, starting with the use of this dye in various industries, the paint industry. Electrostatic powder saw a lot of growth, so it was very impressive compared to the nascent industry.

How to use powder paint
 As time has passed, all methods have undergone changes in different industries, which have improved and led to new practices. The use and application of powder paint has undergone many different ways over time. But what is commonplace today and used in all industries is the one way we explain it in detail.

These types of paints are generally composed of particles and dry resins that combine with the customer’s desired color. It is then sprayed onto the surface of various parts using a spray gun. At this point, since the desired color contains an electrostatic charge and is attached to the ground on the other side, the color particles adhere to the body of the target, given that the color in this case has not yet dissipated. If you wipe it, it will be removed from the body of the piece.

To stabilize the color and complete the work process, the parts are placed in the oven. All the compounds in powder color are fixed to the desired piece and the desired color is created on the body of the piece. The resulting paint is a uniform, thick paint that is highly resistant to chemicals and exhibits high resistance to scratches and scaling. It is necessary to explain that powdered baking furnaces are special industrial furnaces that cook painted parts at a temperature of 2 ° C.

Advantages of electrostatic powder paint
There are many benefits to these types of colors, but the most needed and the attention of many industries right now are:

 Protect the environment from contaminants by completely removing solvents and waste materials
High strength, durability and long life and no change in weather conditions
High coverage and a uniform thickness in all areas
Also permeable to inaccessible points, corners and edges


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